• A) Which country of foreign workers does Prosper Employment Agency provide?
    Prosper Employment Agency specializes in the employment of foreign workers from PRC, Indian, Myanmar and Filipino
    B) Which industrial sectors our foreign talents specialize in?
    Our foreign talents are specialized in the following industry sectors
  • Mechanics

  • Electronics

  • Semi-Conductors

  • Marine

  • Petro-Chemical

  • Aerospace

  • Manufacturing

  • F & B

  • Hotel Hospitality

  • Logistics

  • Food Processing

  • Service

    C) How do Prosper Employment Agency differentiate ourselves?

  • Prosper Employment Agency endeavors to provide the best end-to-end package to satisfy our clients needs. The following systematic process have been developed and adopted to produce proven results for both our clients and our foreign workers ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transitional experience

  • Recruitment & Training of Workers

  • Continually carry our recruitment exercises to ensure we always have a strong pool of candidates with unique capabilities

  • Vocationally train all candidates before recommendation

  • Thoroughly test all candidates’ intelligence, skill and personal attributes

  • Appointment & Understanding Our Clients Needs

  • We will arrange an appointment with our client to understand your needs and assist our client in the selection of worker(s)

  • Listen and analyze clients needs for workers technical knowledge and pre-requisites

  • Advise them professionally on the employment contract and customize it in accordance with statutory requirements

  • Selection & Evaluation

  • Check and verify workers academic qualifications, working experience, language skills and personal attributes

  • Screen and shortlist candidates to match clients requirements

  • CV, bio-data’s available trough email for your convenience

  • Arrange webcam interviews, phone interviews or personal interviews with the worker

  • Documentation and IPA Application

  • Explain the contractual terms of employment thoroughly to successful candidates

  • Prepare all related documents for application of Work Pass

  • Prepare IPA (In-Principle Approval) application details to Ministry of Manpower

  • Accommodation & Orientation

  • Arrange workers flight and their accommodation upon approval by Ministry of Manpower (Duration approximately 7 days)

  • Orientate workers on Singapore’s culture, living style and work attitude

  • Post Arrival Services

  • Ferry workers to medical check-ups and arrange for course for hygiene (for workers whose job scope includes food handling)

  • Assist workers in the procedure to issue heir Work Pass cards

  • Collect workers approved Work Pass cards from Ministry of Manpower

  • Return workers passports, Work Pass cards together with a copy of the workers personal documents to the employer

  • After-sales Support Services

  • Gather feedback on workers performance to ensure our clients satisfaction

  • Meet workers to advise them on their shortcomings upon request of employer

  • Arrange for repatriation if the work is found unsuitable by the employer or after workers contract expires

    D) Agent Fees charged by Prosper Employment Agency?
    Prosper Employment Agency provides recruitment consultants and services and Charge Accordingly
    E) Are there any additional fees or hidden costs?
    There are no additional fees or hidden costs